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Where do I possibly begin! Sophia has changed my life completely! A bold statement I know but but in just a matter of weeks my whole sense of well being and state of mind along with of course my fitness has really improved no end, Sophia is a brilliant PT because she looks at the bigger picture for example why people want to exercise and train, what your goals and ambitions are and she really goes above, and beyond to try and make you as the client feel comfortable, and confident in the training you choose to do. 

Georgina Leigh


Most amazing PT, almost finished my 14-week course and can see such a huge difference. Lost over a stone and feel so much stronger and more toned. By booty has defiantly got bigger which I’m so happy with. Would hugely recommend.

Cydney Mann


I had never weight trained before joining Sophia, and I honestly love it! This is the first time I have really seen a difference in my body shape. She has helped build my confidence and changed the way that I see myself. I am more accepting of myself and feel stronger! 

Courtney Belcher


Sophia has helped me so much mentally and physically. I suffer from Scoliosis and a knee injury which has caused a lot of problems even with everyday tasks. However, Sophia has been very patient with me and created a programme that has allowed me to gain strength, lose weight and promote better posture. I feel great and continue to look forward to our sessions.

Liam Ellis

Coaching and handling at the All Englands 2019

Sophia started coaching me 4 months ago in the lead up to my first powerlifting comp and has also now coached me for my first national comp. She’s knowledgeable, encouraging and very approachable. My strength has gone up so much since following the program set by Sophia as well as my form improving with her cues.

The support she provides on comp day also makes the whole experience a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to doing more comps with Sophia as my coach.

Highly recommend!

Anastasia Harmer, U57 Lifter

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