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What I can do for you 

Whether you'd like to get stronger, compete, improve fitness, your body composition, or all of the above -

there are options for you.  

Strength Coaching

Strength training has numerous benefits beyond the obvious. Intelligent programming, consistency and perseverance is the key to making optimum progress in Powerlifting and other strength sports. I have learnt from the best coaches in the UK and I strongly believe knowledge is power. I offer 1-1 training, Hybrid, Online coaching and classes. 


Personal Training

I have helped many people build confidence in the gym, change their body composition and help them feel better about themselves physically and mentally. I feel incredibly proud of the progress my clients have made and enjoy watching them grow inside and out of the gym environment. I also offer Sports conditioning if you are training for a specific sport. 

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Hybrid Coaching

This service is very popular for athletes who aren't able to travel every week for personal training sessions but would still like in person support or for those who are advanced lifters yet like to have a technical check-in each month. The hybrid program includes online programming and one 90 minute session a month. In the 1-1 session we will go over form, technique, mobility, comp prep and anything else that you would like to go over in that session. Includes weekly workouts, nutrition advice, video feedback and support.


Online Coaching 

Online coaching includes programming, video feedback, access to an online community, and nutritional guidance. All coaching also includes handling at divisional and national competitions. As well as this, we will check in regularly, I will provide you with help towards mobility and movement and support you throughout your training. 


Workshops, classes & Squad sessions

I have taken numerous workshops for Universities, including Oxford and Cambridge University, powerlifting clubs, gyms and the general public. The workshops and seminars explore the fundamentals of the power lifts, Q&A's, female training and more. Weekly classes are available for all levels to refine technique or go through the barbell basics. Squad sessions are by invite only to athletes who actively compete.

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