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16/10/22 @ P10 Fitness

The Big 3 - Fundamentals of the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift

About this event

Ever wanted to learn the basics of powerlifting? Refine your current technique? Covering the big three in detail, this workshop is for you!


Depending on who you ask, there can be anywhere between 5 and 8 fundamental human movement patterns, some say they are just squat, hinge, push, pull & gait. Others also include the lunge, carry & rotation. One thing is certain though, as human beings we should be able to Squat; hinge at the hip (to pick up an object) and we should be able to push (both horizontal & vertically). Being stronger and more proficient at these movements carries over to all walks of life and all sports.


Powerlifting is a sport of basics made up of three movements, the Barbell Back Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift. These exercises are just variations of three of the fundamental human movement patterns; considered to be safe methods of training and which can be loaded as much or as little as you require.


Want to develop stronger legs and glutes to help you jump higher, to run faster and further? Tremendous upper body pressing strength and power? A strong and stable posterior chain? Not to mention the potential muscular development that comes along with it… These three exercises will give you all of that and more.


Although it may seem that this workshop is primarily aimed at those either actively involved in or looking to get involved in the sport of powerlifting, being competent at these foundational exercises can be invaluable for everyone, inclusive of:


Powerlifters; Weightlifters; Strength coaches; Personal trainers and gym enthusiasts, therefore the workshop has been specially designed with this in mind.


The Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift will be staples in most weight-training programs and the ability to perform them efficiently and effectively is essential for long-term development and progress.


Within the workshop, you will learn the basics of the big compound barbell movements:


- How to squat to suit your body & its current restrictions,


- How to safely perform a barbell bench press and,


- How to lift the most amount of weight possible from the ground in a deadlift.


A workshop hosted by two extremely experienced coaches, who have developed a number of World Class Powerlifting clubs within London: Sophia Ellis (@sophiastrength) & Paul Marsh (@marsh.coaching). Clubs where over a third of its squad has competed internationally, boasting multiple British Powerlifting national champions from juniors to masters and multiple lifters who compete and place at the highest level of powerlifting.


Prior to attending the workshop, you will receive a welcome pack with some suggestions of things to work on and consider beforehand.


When you arrive, you will start your day by taking a look at your own lifts, giving yourself a record of where you started, from there is where the fun starts.


- Learn what we look for as coaches, the basics of a good squat, bench press & deadlift.


- Mobility criteria that you should look to achieve as a minimum to ensure that your body continues to move freely through all movement patterns.


- How to breathe and brace for maximal lifting capacity.


- How a squat should be performed: knees first? hips first? break at the same time? This is where you will find out.


- How to Barbell Back Squat to suit your body and your goals. Be that strength, performance, or aesthetics, the coaches will lead you down the right path and get you to where you want to be.


- How to bench press and specialize it for your goals. Close grip? Narrow grip? Should this exercise be a staple in your training considering your goals?


- How to Deadlift: Sumo? Conventional? The pros and cons of both movement types and which you should focus on.


Finishing with a Q&A where all and any questions can be raised. Programming? Sticking points? This is where you get to quiz the coaches and have your questions answered.


As with many things in regard to training, the answer is often: it depends, it is very personal. This workshop aims to answer all of your questions and guide you on the way to improve your performance of the given lifts.





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